Saturday, March 26, 2016

That and This LOL

Yesterday I did more edited files that cannot be made public as well as this morning.  I think the best way to share these edits publicly is to record myself doing them but that means giving up trying a new routine that morning and moving equipment.  Also I can get into the music better when not recording.  I never really know what my energy level will be like and how creative I may be each morning and forget the unique tweaks I did for a move just the day before.  I never do a workout the same way twice and never play *Simon Says* or *Follow the Leader*.   The number of times an instructor does a move may be too few or too many and never know which body part may feel rebellious either so am constantly tweaking to listen to my body as well as make the routine more fun for me.  I bounce to the beat of my own drummer.

We are expecting our older son to visit today to sign his income tax forms that his dad prepared for him.  He is a genius and earns his keep doing ad tech online but does not bother to simply submit his taxes himself online.  Oh well, at least it is an excuse for a visit.
His father jokes he likes doing the taxes so he knows what son is earning LOL
We (my husband, younger son and I) are very frugal and live on a lower income than our older son who pretty much spends every penny he earns and some.  Granted younger Aspie son has not worked since graduating college but is not demanding or materialistic.  Working is not worth the stress to him and he rather have less money than more stress.  He knows he can work whenever he decides he rather work or has to work to eat.

Looks like Trump has really shot himself in the foot with his misogyny.  Even Republican women said they will vote Democratic for the first time.

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