Thursday, March 24, 2016

Building upon Yesterday's ETA

Much of what I wanted to post today was an extension of what I had added in yesterday's post.

The edited files I did this morning cannot be made public.
I, especially, enjoy the edited Oula when sit-bouncing on the large stability ball and may record that action in the future.

In yesterday's post:
*I am back into using my arms more like Conductorcise when bouncing or just sitting after watching a favorite cardiologist mention how important moving the arms daily can be:

Another change I am making is to get more sun.  For years I avoided the sun because of skin cancer fears and Lipitor making my skin very photosensitive.   Now it is beginning clear that sunlight plays a huge role in health and longevity.

It must be doing something better because my blood pressure is much lower today!

Nia is participating in a new series for being pain free*

I have to note that besides my BP being lower, I feel much more energized since using my upper body more throughout the day and getting out in the sun more.  I even have my old recumbent bike now on our patio besides the rusting ReboundAIR which is still functional for healthbouncing.

The 2 month old ibounce hexagon from China is still my favorite bungee and the bungees are showing no wear.  The 6 month old Probounce is still my next favorite.   The Probounce cords are starting to show a fraying of their cover and a flattening of the inner material similar to what what seen in the JumpSport PRO mat bungees within a short period of use.  I believe the tighter the tension, the quicker I am seeing fraying on the bungees even though the firmer bungees are thicker.   I hardly use the JumpSport 370 PRO which is the firmest of my 4 bungees and it is showing as much fraying as my much older JS550 so I reset the 550 cords to their loosest setting.  Each Chinese import has a very different bounce and I enjoy switching between them depending on what I am doing.   Right now, the only one I would definitely replace the cords for if and when they really need replacing is the hexagon.

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