Sunday, March 27, 2016

TRYING to stay Positive

Avoiding stress by keeping a positive attitude has been my primary mental focus.

I wish I could say our older son's visit went well yesterday like a Brady Bunch episode but as usual, he arrived with his chronic negative attitude about everything and I am really trying to keep it all in perspective.  This is his mindset and personality and the only one who can change it is himself.  He is doomed to have failed relationships and mostly stress and unhappiness if that is what he chooses.  I have pretty much accepted he will never change and must focus even harder to not let his problems become mine.  Thank goodness our younger son who lives with us has a totally opposite personality.

I enjoyed the first KP DanceBody Periscope stream this morning and after editing the third class yesterday, see that her playlists repeat alot.  The audio is great and her moves are bouncy which works for me.   Each class so far had very different angles so the moves will become even easier and eventually I would revisit whichever has the best angles.  This morning I had the video on zoom and was following the exerciser I could see the best.  Worked great till some moves confused her as well LOL

A very disturbing video was on youtube this morning.  A 55 year old man had threatened a mosque with a bomb and authorities found a bomb in the man's home.   He was given only 90 days in jail!!!!  How would a Muslim have been treated if the Muslim threatened to kill everyone in a church or temple and had a bomb???? 
The man happens to be a Trump supporter!
Unfortunately, Trump's rhetoric affects some mentally unbalanced fans.

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