Saturday, August 28, 2010


This morning I did the second half of Bootcamp Boogie with Fitstix and alittle UR then the Zodiac warmup but just the upright signs then Classical Stretch 628.

My numbers jumped down this morning to the very bottom of my plateau probably because of the colonoscopy fasting, etc.

Friday, August 27, 2010


This morning I did the first half of Bootcamp Boogie with Fitstix and still really like it cuz of the great music. Then I did th second half of the Zodiac Dance then Best legs from Core&Curves then Classical Stretch 627.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This morning I did the second half of Fitstix Cardio Praise, the 10 in 10 from Core&Curves, the first half of the Zodiac Dance and Classical Stretch 630.  

Just before yesterday's workout I pulled my right lower back/hip opening a window. It felt much better after workingout but still felt a twinge on and off throughout the day and was planning to do the Egoscue Supine Groin Stretch in the evening.

A workout buddy suggested 2 stretches to me for my lower back/hip before I killed an hour doing the Egoscue stretch.  One is in a video on youtube using a foam roller from a series called MELT which removed about 90% of the twinge.

The second is simply lying in a doorway, keeping the better side leg extended on the floor and extending the leg from the worse side up on the wall (or door frame).  I only did this for a minute or two and haven't had the slightest twinge since! Usually takes several days, if not weeks for this type of injury to heal completely.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just before I was going to workout, I pulled my right lower back and hip opening a window :( 
So I decided to workout anyways in my shoes with the Walkfit inserts and just avoid anything that made the area twinge and found by holding in my abs, nothing made it twinge :) 

First I did the first 5 combos in Fitstix Cardio Praise then some of Tomei's first Core&Curves workout but not coming close to all of the reps especially in the crunches LOL I do like the crosstraining effect for the legs in this workout and will see how my legs feel tomorrow. My knees with the Walkfit inserts handled it well. Usually lower body bands bother my knees. Finished with Classical Stretch 629 which really seemed to help my back and hip! Glad I threw caution to the wind and got back up on the workout wagon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Decided to take another rest day to let my body and digestive system recover.

Monday and having a colonoscopy

Yesterday was the dreaded day (as well as Sunday) because of the two part prep for a colonoscopy as well as no solid food for almost 2 full days.  Thanks to tips on the internet, I had no problem downing half a gallon of the electrolyte flushing solution each day.  Best tip was to add Chrystal Light (I used one packet of the lemonade flavor) when mixing the powder with lukewarm water then dispensing the solution into 16 oz water bottles with a funnel to chill thoroughly and to be able to gulp down the stuff without smelling it or having it be in the mouth long 1/2 a bottle every 10 minutes.

Worse part of th experience for me was the horrible dry mouth I had after the procedure with absolutely no appetite. When I did try to drink or eat, everything tasted bland if not bad.  I was worried I permanently damaged my taste buds with dehydration or whatever and feared my #1 enjoyment in life, savoring food was over.  Thankfully, this morning my taste seems to be somewhat improved in spite of still no appetite which I am sure will return ravenously eventually as my setpoint demands more calories consumed.

The best news is my colon was polyp and bleed free.  I had resisted having this procedure done for years till my blood showed  I may be developing an Iron deficiency so had it done to rule out any colon bloodloss.  

Another unexpected development was I had less vertigo afterwards in spite of the sedation because I guess the dehydrating effect helped drain fluid even from my ear canals.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Taking a rest day today and tomorrow because on a liquid diet and then completely fasting tonight after the first part of the prep for tomorrow's colonoscopy.

Will be so happy when this whole thing is over and done.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tuesday through Friday and Saturday

Tuesday through Friday I got in alot of walking and used a band in the hotel room Weds.

This morning I did the second half of Rockin Body Dance Party with Fitstix and alittle UR then the second half of the Zodiac cardio then Powerfit thighs and shoulders.

Tomorrow is liquids only in preparation for the Monday afternoon colonoscopy so will just be doing the elusive Classical Stretches that a dear vidiot recorded for me.  Hate to admit it but am really enjoying pigging out on empty carbs yesterday and today cuz am not to have fiber or dairy.

Wonder if I will hit the Monday thrift store on the way to the colonoscopy place.  At least, it has a bathroom


Monday, August 16, 2010


This morning I did the first half of Rockin Body Dance Party then the Zodiac Workout (standing) warmup then the first half of the Zodiac dance. Cannot believe The Zodiac workout only cost $1.99 excluding S&H from Fitness Organica cuz it is the kind of movement and music I really like! I just skip the mat/floor segments but may actually do some of them eventually.

I will be leaving soon to go to that thrift store with Monday's 25% off  and hoping not to find any workouts LOL

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Had a decent workout this morning feeling more energetic than I have been. Did the second half of Rockin Body Disco Groove with Fitstix and some UR then some of Powerfit Triceps, chest and butt then Classical Stretch 626.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Was hoping to get a good workout this morning since I am home for a workout so rarely but there were too many distractions.  Did the rest of the warmup from The Zodiac workout dvd then its ~20 minute dance workout.  These separate warmup and dances for the signs can be done as a whole or as sparks for each  individual sign.  Lots of moves, some fairly unique and most of them feel good and some pretty intense.  A fusion of yoga, Pilates, ballet and bellydance.  Even alittle kickboxing. Decent drumbeat soundtrack.  Would have liked it if some dance segments were longer or programmable to repeat. Then did some of the standing ring bonus on a Winsor dvd bought scratched from the thrift store till it froze.  Fortunately the accelerated fatburning workout on the dvd may play without a problem and strangely the whole standing ring bonus seems to play fine on another player so guess my workout player is finicky about the scratches.  This may push me over the edge to finally switch around the dvd players so then I can also play the video cds I have burnt from downloads on my puter in the workout area.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tues to Friday

Mostly walking around casinos and between The Borgata and Harrahs a couple of times.

Only 19,000 paces but half was on one day (Thurs) when the humidity finally lifted so it varied day to day.

Also did alittle of Rocker's Total Body Challenge cd (walking and bands) Weds night.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This morning I did the first half of a Rockin Body with Fitstix on the UR then alittle bit of Powerfit's back and biceps then some Classical Stretch 625.

Off to the Monday discounted thrift store :)

ETA: Besides finding a couple of deals at the thrift store, The Zodiac Workout I had ordered on a clearance sale from Fitness Organica Saturday already arrived today :)  Looks like a nice dvd. Already did just the warmup stretches for Aries up to Virgo and totally enjoyed it.  

At the thrift store, besides several paperback books by authors I like, I found a Firm stick for $3 because it was missing one if its end twigs.  Still very functional as a minibar.   Also found the Winsor dvd with Accelerated Fatburning and a Pilates ring workout on it for less than $2  that I saw last week but passed on because of light scratches.  It tested fine on my workout dvd player and starts differently than the Fatburning workout I have on vhs so may be different footage!  Even if not, worth 2 bucks to have it on dvd.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This morning I did the first 30 minutes of Shaun T's Rock It Out up to (but not including) the pushups, using my Fitstix throughout. Next time, I will start with the pushups because of the soundtrack and healthbounce during them. Then after I break I did some Leslie on the rebounder with Fitstix and the standing part of Classsical Stretch 624.  Glad I discovered the individual Rockin Body workout dvds available through Amazon's marketplace.  Saved alot of $$!

I realize I am a variety junkie and need lots of choices cuz if I do any one workout too often, I can burn out on it for good.
Sometimes I change what my focus is. Before everything had to be on a rebounder to interest me. Now I look for workouts that work well with Fitstix.
Since wearing shoes with the Walkfit inserts for workouts, rebounding isn't as necessary to me.

As long as no joint is complaining, I am not changing this focus for quite awhile.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


This morning I did Rockin Body Party Express and liked the second half much more than the first half so doubt I'll revisit the first half again so I can have more energy for the second half since I had to take several small recovery breaks. Used my Fitstix and hopped on the YogFlex or UR when I felt like it. Took a break then did 10 minutes of Donna's Brazilian and Classical Stretch 623.

I am loving this weather.  In the past,  I would have gone to the Meadowlands for their biggest racing card today but have lost interest in horseracing so it will be just another Saturday lounging around the house.  At least I can use the bathroom without standing on a long line LOL

Son is returning to London this Tuesday for a few weeks.  It may take as long as 18 months to get the tier one visa but his company is willing to do whatever it takes which is really nice to know that they want to keep him so much.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Weds through Friday

Besides walking about 3 miles a day, I did some of the Debbie Rocker Total Body Challenge Walk cd in the hotel room Thursday evening which was a nice change of pace(s).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This morning I did some Rockin Body with Fitstix then some Leslie walking with Billy Bands and some lunge combinations for the lower body using the tilted Bodyburner for front lunges.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Son Marc and I did a great job yesterday of cleaning up the hard drive of our old puter till we deleted Apple's Mobile program (Greg had an ipod) and it caused an error message whenever starting the puter so I had to download and leave the newest itunes and Mobile Me programs to stop the error message for the missing file. I am very surprised Microsoft allowed Apple this control over the Windows XP startup.  Well I can feel guilt free using the Apple store's puters when in AC now cuz Apple gave us quite a bit of aggravation yesterday and lost all of my respect for their products.  Puter is literally humming along now and can restart in less a minute with most of its resources available.

Greg will be spending most of the next 6 months in London in a training status with multiple trips back to NYC till his tier one Visa clears.   

Monday, August 2, 2010


This morning I did a mish mash of various vhs.

Since our son removed unnecessary but memory draining programs from our one and very old puter last night, the puter can finally run movies on hulu beautifully.  I found Kathy Smith's Bodylift and really liked the warmup!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This morning I did the second half of Dance Your Way Slim, some with Fitstix then I did the second workout on Debbie Rocker's Total Body Challenge Walk which alternated cardio and band resistance for the upper body and still used Fitstix during the cardio segments. Finished with Classical Stretch 619. OK I reviewed all of the season 6 Classical Stretches I got and am completely missing two (629 and 630). The mystery episode was actually 620.

No spark yesterday but ran around the house and up and down stairs like crazy trying to coordinate my Classical Stretch list.