Sunday, May 22, 2016

SHINE Dance Fitness

I finally tried one of their streamed classes and loved it!  I actually did the class while streaming on my laptop in the den, starting on my JumpSport 370 PRO then switched to a stability ball then a swivel chair.
Unfortunately I cannot share what I did but youtube does offer some of their routines.

This streaming option is so much better than Alchemy of Movement and other similar classes for so many reasons besides being much cheaper.  Their quality is much better.  Camera angle shows all of the moves and music volume is nice and loud (I have stereo speakers plugged into my laptop).   The moves are easy to follow and tweak for bouncing.  The moves and combos are not repeated too much so kept my interest. There are some *whoo*s but they can be ignored because the routines are interesting and the music volume is loud enough.  I did the whole class with no desire to fast forward or skip a song.  Loved all of their tunes and choreo.  So I will not be doing another Alchemy of Movement subscription but I may actually start a monthly subscription for Shine Dance Fitness!

These youtube routines were used in the class I did but in the class setting which I much preferred:

This one shows the class setting:

You can access some of their videos for free on their website too:

Just the classes need a subscription

ETA: Another WellVideo member had discovered Shine Dance Fitness on youtube in December and I had shared another Shine Dance Fitness youtube video in February but did not try one of their classes till today.

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