Monday, April 28, 2014

Still MUving Wonderful

This morning I did the my MUsic added to Cardio 3 from the Older Wiser and Wonderful Level 3-4 DVD on the bungee then did some of the original cuing from level 4 while sitting on a stability ball.   I think this is an excellent way to really use these dvds for me (MUsic on bungee and Cuing on Ball).   Her cuing with scenarios reminds me alot of John Abdo's Walks but these use more functional movements.  They feel better and are more fun than any Leslie Walks. Simple to follow yet still sweating when doing these Older and Wiser routines too :)

Between Jessica's youtube and dvd routines and these Older and Wiser routines, I can be very happy just doing them for months but I am going to try revisiting FitStix Fusion to alternate with them.

I did some searching online and decided to buy Sue Grant's Much Older and Wiser DVD because the cardio looked like the kind I liked in her Older Wiser and Wonderful dvds and the strength uses a band.  I'm skipping her other two because one does the strength sitting on the floor and the other looks like old school low impact aerobics.

ETA:  Here is a description of just the cardio warmup from the Older Wiser and Wonderful DVDs
The warmup starts with a Mambo in three different directions: one foot moving forwards and back then the foot moving sideways with both feet facing forward then with a rotation of the moving  foot pointing to the side while the other foot stays pointing forward.   Arms are added to move in the same direction of the moving foot. Each side is done separately.   Then when repeated, the arms move in the opposite direction of the moving foot.  The result is a nice warmup, lubricating all of the major joints without any strain.

The beginning of this clip from totalfitnessdvds demonstrates the side Mambo with the arms going in the same direction of the moving foot then the opposite direction:

For more information, Sue Grant's website provides a description and some clips of all of her dvds

ETA Sparks:
Besides a 2 mile walk outside I did some of the Cardio Core Flow on jessicasmithtv

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