Sunday, March 17, 2013

Youtube Tips from Freemake and Shockwave Flash Crashes

Wanted to share this article by Freemake which has tips on how to improve the playing of youtube videoes:
YouTube Doesn't Work! What to Do?
Downloaded files definitely play better than the streamed videos, especially if FIOS or youtube is having a bad day.  I usually download a youtube video immediately with Freemake video Converter and am glad I do because for some reason the current Jessica Smith Ballet Body Sculpt is missing more of its top than it was immediately after being uploaded by Jessica.  So I have the original download to work with rather than the one missing much of Jessica's head and even face.

Contrary to the article for myself, I found shockwave flash kept crashing on Chrome when enabling Chrome's Shockwave plug-in so disabled it and just enable the Windows Shockwave plug-in.  Also found it best not to enable the Realplayer extensions or plug-ins to avoid Shockwave crashes on Chrome.  For the Nia online class site, Freemake Video Downloader has been working just as well as Realplayer downloader used to work.  It's alittle tricker because you have to play the video after pasting the url.

Even though the Freemake Video Converter installation now involves more accompanying advertising software, I still think it is the best program out there for any Windows operating system.  If you love online or dvd videos and have a Windows operating system, it is definitely worth the fuss of uninstalling the unwanted advertising programs after their installation.  There is no reason not to download and install Freemake Video Converter and every reason why to do so if you want to burn dvdrs.   Its uses are endless.  I am still finding new ways to use it. It burns dvdrs with hours and hours of footage.  Up to 6 hours have been good quality and almost 11 hours at standard quality.
Though I add music mostly song by song with Windows Live Movie Maker,  Freemake Video Converter can also replace soundtracks.  If you like any of my soundtracks on my youtube videos, you can use Freemake video converter to just download the soundtrack by converting the video to a MP3 file.  You can then replace the soundtrack of any video stored on your pc with this soundtrack as a single song using Freemake Video converter.

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