Sunday, March 3, 2013

Change a Good Thing!

So we finally kept an AC reservation the past couple of days after staying away a whole month.  I ate 2 buffets a day and walked only 5,000 paces a day.  Expected to return home with a weight gain but surprisingly lost 2 pounds!  LOL
I guess my metabolism got a jolt with different eating and movement.  Another nice change was my joints seem less finicky so I will go to AC at least every other week.  May as well take advantage of the Gold Nugget's generous buffet offers.  We had their Friday Seafood buffet which is served all day for free (March offer of free buffet for two) and it was quite good.  Thursday we had their lunch buffet for $5 each (50 and over every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). It is much more relaxing than the hectic Borgata Buffet and some of the food was actually better prepared even though not presented as well.  Literally, everything I had there tasted better than it looked!

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with some of Susan Chung's Rapid Fire 3.  I like the music but think most of her combos have too many kicks so I would do a few minutes of each chapter then skip to the next when the kicks started.
Then I did the first half of Ellen Barrett's SuperFast BodyBlast which had incredible music.  The moves didn't have as much variety as Jessica's but the music was well worth the purchase.
Finished with Jessica's Cardio Barefoot Flow II with my own music added a second time. I had added new music to this one so the video would play in Germany unlike my first attempt:

While the cat was away, the mice did play and Miranda seems to be repeating Season 7.
Jessica Smith is doing a weekly schedule on her youtube channel jessicasmithtv.  This month is repeating already uploaded workouts to get organized into this weekly schedule but new content is planned, starting next month.

I am taking a vacation from uploading vhs to youtube till I am sure there is no new Classical Stretch being broadcasted because I use the same vcr and capture device setup for both.
There will be no more massive filemails since my upgrade has expired.  I will occasionally offer a filemail for 10 downloads over 3 days if requested, mostly privately unless there are extra downloads available the last day.  Dropbox will be done just privately because my free account is limited in how much traffic it can allow. The people who helped to expand my space will be sent shared links to new content.  Not planning to even expand anymore because of traffic limitations.

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