Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ripping VTS files

Sometimes neither Freemake Video Converter (gold)  nor Handbrake can rip all of the titles when opening the DVD as the source.  Instead try ripping the VTS files.
You will not know which program is better for the task till you try one and if it fails then try the other.

Another trick if this does not work is to use Shrink to create the VTS files from the DVD then let these files be the source whether using Handbrake or Freemake Video Converter to rip them instead of the DVD titles.

(if using Handbrake, it is basically the same procedure using the video files (VTS) located on the dvd instead of the DVD as your source)
Here is a Walkthrough for how to do it with Freemake Video Converter (gold).
In the first photo, this is similar to what you should see using the VIDEO as the SOURCE
(instead of the DVD as the SOURCE)

You select whatever VTS files you believe may contain the content you want after skipping any that has a zero at the end like VTS_01_0
In this case, I would choose


Once you have chosen which files you may need, you should see a screen similar to this

You can play to check each title to see if you have the ones you wanted and remove any you do not want before choosing your output format and starting the conversion

After you have the footage you want from one or more files, you can edit, trim, join or whatever to get the exact footage you want.

If using Handbrake, you can rip each VTS file one at a time.
However, I am unsure how to join the separate VTS files on a MAC because I use Freemake Video Converter to join them back together into a single video file.

Note: WellVideo sometimes does not accept MP4 files produced by Handbrake.  I then convert them with Freemake Video Converter.  However changing the format extension to (dot).mp4 on the Destination File when using Handbrake  may be a solution.

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