Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hell Froze Over and Pigs Do Fly

This morning I did something I never thought I would ever do:
 a 40 minute walk with Leslie Sansone with the original audio.

It was the 40 minute routine from her Walk Off Fat Fast dvd that I received free from Amazon thanks to the lazy postal worker.  I did the first 20 minutes on the bungee and the second on the ball and went anaerobic frequently by tweaking the moves to have more impact.  Also if my hip flexors start to whine while following Leslie, I start walking my hips more than my legs.

What I liked about the cuing was I didn't have to look at the TV much and was able to focus on what I was doing in the mirror.  I kept changing the moves with Leslie so it didn't get boring and the pace definitely kept my heartrate up.  I have already replaced the audio on these but may do another set keeping the audio for cuing and just playing different instrumental music louder than the actual music.

An inflamed nerve I had in my upper back is gone today.  Not sure if the Apple Cider Vinegar tablets are responsible but am hopeful other damaged nerves may respond.

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