Sunday, January 11, 2015

What a Difference!

This morning I did the Jessica Smith 30 minute Cardio Core Walk (21 days WalkOn set) on the bungee then the ball then the edited Power Pick Up Walk (15 minute Fast Fat Blast) on the bungee then the ball.  Cardio Core Walk was rather bland in its moves and music to me but started to click better with me in its last 10 minutes.  Power Pick Up with the audio replaced was AWESOME.  I felt more energized after the 45 minutes than usual so music makes a huge, Huge, HUGE difference.

Jessica's routines provide just the right amount of simple to follow steps which work well with MUsic only.  I much prefer the routines with Music only so if she goes exclusively digital, I will have to work around the limitations of the routines only playing on a special player.

Overall, I prefer the moves and music in the 15 minute Fast Fat Blasts to those in the 21 day set.

(I will only be sharing some of my creations privately with select friends on VK so if you subscribe to and friend me, let me know who you are if I don't already LOL)

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