Friday, January 2, 2015

Tech Rant then Check in

I just wanted to share my own experiences online a bit.
For malware removal, the Malwarebytes free program has been extraordinary
see this link for info about Malwarebytes:

I had bad experiences with both pre-loaded virus programs McAfee and Norton.  Even the highly rated free ones like AVG or Avast slowed down my system.  The free Malwarebytes program only scans when you want it to scan and doesn't clog up your memory and start up time.  Most people get suspicious items by clicking on untrusted links on sites or in emails.  If you are careful, you will not get infections.  If you do get an infection, Malwarebytes will remove even the nastiest ones with a full scan including root kits from Windows safe mode (Warning this scan technique can take several hours to perform).  I also do a Windows Defender scan regularly but it never found anything LOL

If you want to download a program like the Mozilla Firefox browser, do its from its official website.
If you download anything, be cautious about unwanted other freebies being offered to you.
If you goof, do a Malwarebytes scan.
If it finds something that returns again after being quarantined and removed, do a full scan from safe mode overnight.

see my other links about Windows tools, etc.if you are experiencing problems
or search online for solutions from reliable forums

This morning I did Cathe's Low Impact HIITs 2.
I was not a Cathe fan and still am not.
She kept saying not to move with the beat of the music when the beat of the music was usually better timed for the move than she was doing.  Most of the music was boring anyways.
I did enjoy the TapnPower routine which I had edited to remove planks and floor stuff.
original routine

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