Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Enjoying New Jessicas

This morning I did my edited versions (audio replaced with MUsic only) of the Jessica Smith Low Impact HIIT Walk and Tred&Shred from her Walk on: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan set

(If anyone cannot order these dvds because they are not available outside the US and cannot get the digital downloads to work on their devices, contact me  horsemom2@aol.com)

I was surprised to see how high my heartrate went during the HIIT while bouncing on my hopper ball!    Because of my peripheral neuropathy, I am starting to enjoy sitting and bouncing on a ball even more than my bungees.  Most of the HIIT moves were easy to adapt and of course, my MUsic AWESOME.   The warmup for the Tred and Shred was much better with my MUsic as well.

To motivate me to visit more walks in my bedroom in front of the laptop instead of on a bungee, I am going to try alternating ball bouncing with standing and using various walking bands I have collected.  Also look forward to trying the Firm Zip Trainer split into two small BOSU-like smaller spheres for walking after it delivers.  Ironically the price had dropped a dollar so I tried to cancel my order to reorder at whatever the lowest price may eventually be.   Soon afterwards, the set was shipped too late to cancel and the price jumped back to over $55!

Speaking of my Hopper Ball ...
It is really cheap now!

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