Saturday, January 31, 2015

Loved Edited Files

I found a wonderful website where I can play or download video files easily and plan to really use it to store my private collection.   As much as I love the content on WellVideo, this other website loads much faster and enables downloading much easier.  Also I can delete the video whenever I want. is the Russian equivalent of Google.   I did have trouble registering because Google Translate did not translate the registration page but it was in English on Firefox!

This morning I really enjoyed the edited files I did but want to finish the dvdr they are on before uploading them.  The routines were edited files from Get Fit Fast Booty Boot Camp, including this one

I also did some edited JNL Fusion which were great because the simple moves are repeated alot and goes great with MUsic

I have dozens of routines on my laptop I would like to upload to then delete from my hard drive.  Finally a place I can play videos without taken up space on my hard drive or waiting endlessly for loading or needing to find the right dvdr.  However, does not accept files larger than 200 mb so I have to give up visual quality and longer routines.  I cannot read their notices to me so do not know why larger files are not processed but assume because I am using a free account.  I can still store larger files on WellVideo and VK,

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