Friday, January 16, 2015

Zip Trainer Rev Cardio and Sculpt (and Finicky Wires)

This morning I did the Zip Trainer Rev Cardio 1 and Rev Sculpt 1.

However, I did some substitutions, replacing the core ball with a weightless chiball and the light Zip Trainer with a purple Zumba stick to leave the domes opened.  Holding the closed Zip Trainer aggravates my vulnerable Golfer's elbows.  Also I slowed down some of the moves quite a bit which go way faster than what is needed or safe.
I, especially, liked some of the sculpting moves on the domes. Some of the cardio bursts were nice on the bungee so for now I am leaving the Zip Trainer downstairs.  Once I have gone through all of the routines and added MUsic to the parts worth revisiting, it may return upstairs.

Speaking of music, the audio was way down but it was because my cheap surround sound system needed to have some wires jiggled.
Speaking of wires, it is amazing what a little jiggle can fix LOL
To name just a few of my finicky wire connections which need a jiggle now and then:
the surround sound system speaker wires
my laptop ear phone jack
my vhs capture dongle
our mobile charging/data wires
(and the list goes on)

Have to wonder how many people gave up on a device because they did not try a jiggle here and there.

These wires and jacks expand and contract alot because of heat so can develop a contact problem that just changing the angle of the wire a bit may solve.  An HDMI wire went bad and caused outages on our FIOS signal to our HD TV.  Ironically, it was the HDMI wire that cost the most!

ETA: My spark this afternoon was some of Cathe LIVE Senior Class and OMG she had those poor older people doing dozens of calf raises. Guess she doesn't realize how many of them were going to suffer spasms in bed that night.  I did like the cardio and playing with the ball while sitting in the chair segments though.

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