Monday, January 12, 2015

One Crazy Day

This morning was really challenging.  I am still experiencing peripheral neuropathy.  First I woke up with a muscle spasm in my left inner thigh which is odd cause it is usually the right thigh that spasms.  Then my left hand got much more numb than it ever had been with just carpal tunnel syndrome.   Both acute events passed thanks to massages with Arnica gel.

Then we had several power outages.  Once they had passed I tackled a huge pile of clothes, deciding which to wash, which to toss and which to give away.    Just after I started a laundry of those chosen to keep and was clicking with the edited Jessica Smith Cardio Core Walk with MUsic on the bungee, the power went out again.  So I finished the routine sitting on a stability ball while using my laptop.  Again MUsic made a huge difference for me.  The good news is that the power is back and has stayed on so whatever the problem had been, it has probably been resolved.

I love working out with my laptop because an old pair of power speakers from a previous desktop pc offers great audio.  Its screen being 17 inch and elevated on a stool on top of my desk offers great visual quality as well as a standing desk option.  This combination is probably even better than my tv and surround sound in my basement but that is the home for my 550 bungee and the only place in the house I can blast music early in the morning.

Remember if you are replacing a desktop with power speakers, keep the speakers!!!

Here's my laptop mounted on top of an extra stacking table level I didn't need because I use the other two as a night table next to the bed.

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