Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year (Gush Warning)

I started off the New Year with Les Mills BodyVive #1 and was thrilled with it.   Finally a different way of using muscles without straining the joints.  I have not been this excited about a new exercise genre in a very long time.  The moves are do-able, not over repeated and easy to follow.   The music is great and best of all, I do not mind the cuing like I have in other Les Mills I have tried.  I did do some of the ball cardio on the bungee and jogged on the bungee during some of the group activities.  There is also a modifier who does a nice job.

At first, it was the use of the soft ball that attracted me and it worked great with the Kathy Smith ball I had from one of her kits.  The band moves were much better than expected.  Right now I feel muscles I forgot I had LOL

(expect to hear alot of gushing in January from me since I have lots of Bodyvives to explore and Jessica Smith DVDs on the way)

Someone did this routine by Jessicasmithtv this morning and noticed there was coincidentally a Happy New Year message from Jessica:

I do not remember hearing the message because I usually replace the audio like I did with this one.
The music I had added goes a bit slower than Jessica but the moves fit the beat of the music nicely so if you do my version, move to the beat of the music and enjoy.
(tip: try refreshing the video if it doesn't play well the first try)

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