Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Better Day

It was a relief that the blizzard went east and skipped us so we just had an average snowfall and no winds.  I have been having more of my old foot and ankles twinges as well as muscle spasms but at least less numbing and tingling.  Arnica gel has been handling the twinges and spasms.

This morning I did some BodyVives I had downloaded a long time ago during some sort of special sponsored by Nestles which I really enjoyed.  Most didn't use the ball but had moves that worked great on the bungee.

In case you missed this in yesterday's post, there is a free Nia Passion class with Carlos.  The DVD has Kevin so they are different.


Also I wanted to mention that Adblock wasn't working right on Chrome since I had Windows restore then Chrome reinstalled after the easycap dongle made it crash.   So I trashed the adblock and reinstalled and all is fine again

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