Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Last but not Least

I finished the last of the B12 supplements yesterday and still have Peripheral Neuropathy and Tinnitus so started Apple Cider Vinegar with B6 tabs today.  This is pretty much my last shot at restoring nerve damage with a supplement since I stopped statins almost 6 months ago except for a single 5 mg Crestor dose 3 months ago which made my thighs numb again.  At least many of my annoying adverse side effects from statin use are improved if not gone (morning headache, brain fog, vertigo, fatigue, hot flashes, eye dryness) and I stopped before developing a chronic Metabolic disease like Diabetes type 2.  Only other condition which cannot be resolved are cataracts which may need surgery in 7 years or so.  Hopefully, I stopped statins and started CoQ10 before  my mitral valve prolapse worsened.  It has been reported that nerve damage is the hardest adverse effect to heal.

This morning I did another edited Shrink Session which was great on the bungee then a BodyVive that was great on the ball.

The workout stars were in alignment and both Amazon packages delivered today!

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