Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crazy Day

It has been a real crazy day for me, making me less interested in technology.

First I wanted to make a vhs copy of a dvd that would not play on my laptop but still played in my dvd player to see if I could then burn a dvdr backup.  So instead of using my basement dvd and tv for a workout, I played the dvd to dub it onto a vhs with my basement vcr.  Meanwhile I tested our water cut off valve since it was a due for a flushing and the heat was coming up.  The dumb thing malfunctioned again and didn't shut the heat after working fine the past couple of weeks.  I see no point in paying $425 for a replacement which could also become finicky and not be dependable.

I tried to workout with the dvd that was recording onto vhs in real time but just couldn't get into it.  When it was done, I took the vhs upstairs to where I use a vcr capture dongle on my laptop.  The vcr wouldn't work and I saw the batteries in the remote had corroded.  The vcr manually refused to play any vhs I tried to play so I figured I would replace the vcr with a spare vcr.  Hooked up one of the spare vcrs which had been stored with a tape inside (big mistake).  The tape inside got stuck and damaged so that was a second vcr to hit our garbage heap.    Then I took my laptop downstairs to try with the dongle on the working vcr in my basement area.  Everything seemed fine till my laptop froze.  Finally got Windows to fix the error and restore to a previous point but then Chrome wouldn't work.  Finally got Chrome working (downloaded a Chrome setup file through Firefox) and realized the dongle was probably now incompatible with the laptops because of recent updates.  Everything was fine till I inserted the dongle.  So no more converting VHS to my hard drive and/or dvdr for me.  Combo recorders cost way too much $$ and I had already converted plenty of OOP workouts  and lost half when youtube closed my account.

At least everything that was disconnected is working again....
except the water cut off which may work next time LOL

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