Monday, January 5, 2015

Shrink Session

Quite awhile ago, I got some of the earlier Shrink Session routines

Of course I did my thing as far as editing out planks and adding MUsic but only did one of my creations and even though I loved it, I switched to new Nias and the rest of the Shrink Sessions got lost in the shuffle. (see bottom of  12/10/2013 blog post

Our son decided to try using his laptop in our basement during the day so I had to reorganize some of my dvd clutter and discovered some buried burned dvdrs. Well I finally visited my edited file of the Shrink Session Belief workout this morning and really enjoyed it!  The MUsic I had added was fabulous and the first 24 minutes of cardio perfect for the bungee and ball and I even liked the lower body moves done in the last 8 minutes.  I think I was anxious to replace the audio on these because of the Erin Stutland's chatter, more like mumbo jumbo.  However, she does alot of moves I enjoy so it works for me by replacing the audio.

Speaking of chatter and Mumbo Jumbo, also this morning I did some of a Leslie Sansone Power mile with the usual Leslie moves but I did add great MUsic.

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