Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lurved Everything Today

I really enjoyed today's workout in spite of waking up with many aches and pains. The real winner was the last routine.

I warmed up to Keaira's one mile walk to which I had added MUsic.

Then I did the warmup and cardio from Gin Miller's Swing Yourself Fit.
I loved some of the unique moves but of course, had to replace the audio :)

Last but not least was this Senam routine:
Original Senam  routine:

My version:

senam anak MU by POMBarb

a nice spark thanks to Susanna for finding the song:
When the Coyote Comes  ~ Fernando Ortega
which was added to the Bellicon 10 minute Dance Party

ETA 12/11:
This morning I did another senam routine which was alittle too fast for me.  Then I did another Senam routine with added MUsic which was very nice.  Then I did the lower body from Gin's Swing Yourself Fit with MUsic added which started off with the *Coyote Comes* song which worked as well with a kettlebell as the song worked on the Bellicon.  The best part of the workout was again the last one, I had added my own MUsic selections to the Shrink Intention routine and edited out moves I prefer to skip.

This video gives a demonstration of some Shrink cardio at about the 1:50 mark

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