Monday, December 23, 2013

Shrink, Fonda with Emerge, and Wonderful QiGong

I enjoyed some edited Shrink routines on the bungee and ball.
Then I did Jane Fonda's DooWop routine

which was amazing when combining it with the song Emerge:
Never expected this weird combination of moves and MUsic to be that good!
(Tip: you can try the combo above by playing Jane's routine muted on one tab and the song playing on another tab or browser, etc.  For example I play the song on youtube after I open another tab with my blog playing Jane's video muted)

However, something in the mix aggravated my right knee so I switched to something more gentle which was quite a nice QiGong routine:

ETA 12/24/2013:
This morning I did Jazzercise Burlesque but modified alot to make it lower intensity.
Some moves were faster than they needed to be too but I liked alot of them and the music.
Used the bungee then the ball.
My right knee is much better but I am being cautious.

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