Thursday, December 26, 2013

Filemail and Download Tips

ETA: to use filemail now, you must be registered and are limited to 10 free transfers so I have lost interest in this option.

Filemail ( used to be a wonderful way of sharing files when I had an upgraded account but very limited for free accounts.  However, I think now allows more days, downloads, and larger files than they used to on free accounts.

I will download a video file myself so I can provide a walk-thru:
You can click on the link for the file you want to download below its thumbnail and download just that file or you can click on *Download all the files* (colored Green) to get a ZIP file which is a nice option if a filemail has more than one file attached.  The file will go to whatever folder your browser downloads files to (usually called Downloads).  You can then move the file by copying (or cutting and pasting) by right clicking the mouse on a Windows system  to wherever you want it to be on your hard drive, etc.

Just found out you can download some video files directly from Vimeo.
Just right click on the blue Download button to choose your format.

This morning I did the HeavyHands Panaerobics to which I had added MUsic which I will embed again. Remember after the initial ad and the video starts playing,  to click the Daily Motion in the lower right corner to play without ads.  Use that url to revisit or to download.

HH Pan Amazon MU by POMBarb

Also did the Senam routine to which I had added MUsic.

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