Tuesday, December 3, 2013

and the winner is Jessica's Fusion Band

This morning after warming up with some Solibeat and Christi Taylor's Pure Spice, I did half of Jessica's Fusion band to which I had added MUsic and embedded on Saturday 11/30.

Solibeat is good but the drumbeat starts to feel repetitious.
The effect of Pure Spice depends on the song.  I liked the first 2 songs but the third was too fast and not really my kind of thing.  I was very surprised not to have the songs chaptered on the menu!  Also I was missing a song LOL  Case says 12 songs but I only saw 11.

My version of Jessica's Fusion Band had a fantastic effect on me :)
LURVE the Amazon free music and working with a band aerobically.
I still pooped halfway and look forward to doing the second half tomorrow.

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