Saturday, December 21, 2013

Heartrates with Samantha and HH Panaerobics

Our son with OCD has been worried about his heart because of various chest pains.  Doctor said everything sounded ok.  This morning his resting heartrate was 54 and he was worried it was too low but he had jogged 2 miles yesterday and 54 for his age is actually great, comparable to that of an athlete's heartrate.

So I figured I hadn't checked mine for quite sometime so did it during this morning's workout to compare the heartrate to my perceived exertion since my heartrate monitor coincided with my perceived exertion in the past and had since broken.  I am happy to say I have lost no cardiovascular endurance in spite of several injuries, especially Plantar Fasciitis!  I checked my heartrate whenever I perceived I was at various levels of exertion and found I can determine quite well at all intensity levels.   Best part is I can achieve whatever intensity level I want on the bungee, off the bungee and bouncesitting on the stability ball with and without Fitstix.   People may think my unique workout routines are a waste of time but obviously not for me.  As with anything else, I get what I put into them.  MUsic motivates me to put more into otherwise boring moves.  Tweaking the moves to make them feel better works too.

Anywho my workout this morning was two more edited routines by Samantha (low impact then athletic drills) then some HeavyHands Panaerobics with free Amazon MUsic added and ended with some of the Senam routine with Amazon MUsic.  I did Samantha's Cardio yesterday as a spark and like her simple moves and number of reps in her routines. HH Panaerobics and Fitstix worked very well on the stability ball!

HH Pan Amazon MU by POMBarb

The Senam routine was posted on 12/8
Keep MUving *Just Right*: BAK with a Blast!

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