Sunday, December 8, 2013

BAK with a Blast!

This morning after 3 mornings in AC, I was back to my morning routine.

I started with some Pure Spice songs but skipped to the next tune when each song became repetitive which worked really well as a bungee warmup.  Then I did 2 fabulous routines to which I had added MUsic. The first was from a foreign TV show which had very simple foot patterns so worked well on the bungee.  I believe these foreign TV shows can be a great alternative for low impact or walking workouts and there seems to be many of them on youtube uploaded by various users.

Here's the original video:

and it turned it into after replacing the audio:

Senam Indonesia MU by POMBarb

The second routine found online was the Prevention Turn Up your Fatburn Cardio Interval:

It became

Prevention Turn up your FatBurn Cardio Interval MU by POMBarb

If you need help downloading these or learning how to create your own combinations, check this blog.  Rather than give away a fish (dvdrs with my creations), I believe it is better to teach anyone interested how to fish or even create their own routines so you will never be hungry for a fish or fun routine to do.

ETA: 12/9
I really enjoyed this one which is very different from anything else I have ever done.  Great *no dread* routine for lower energy days.

It is low impact and works the lower abs throughout with various isometric contractions.
Will be replacing its audio and editing out the floor at the end.
ETA: an edited version will be available on Daily Motion and this blog on 12/17/2013

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