Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays

No matter your personal beliefs, enjoy the Holiday season and be kind to others.  Actually, try to be kind to others everyday of the year and most importantly to yourself.

I have made a playlist of workouts with Holiday MUsic on Daily Motion and am in the process of adding my latest creation using Ellen Barrett's Ballet Pilates which is on youtube.

My Happy Holidays Playlist link is
▶ Happy Holidays - A Video PlayList on Dailymotion

and here is the Holiday Ballet Pilates:

Holiday Ballet Pilates with Ellen Barrett by POMBarb

(remember to click on the Daily Motion in the lower right hand corner of my blog embedded videos after the video starts to play and you can see the video without ads every 5 minutes on my Daily Motion channel)

Suzanne Bowen is offering a free Barre video as a Christmas gift
Barre Fire with Tabata
password is Merry Christmas

Also here's a temporary filemail link for the Barre Fire video file converted to MP4 which was gifted by Suzanne Bowen on vimeo -Barrre Fire

This morning I did Joannie Greggains Holiday Workout which I had uploaded to Daily Motion. It worked very well on my new bungee with Fitstix.  Then I did this wonderful routine:

It is easier for me to follow Berty who doesn't cue in English than similar routines by Richard Simmons!

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