Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last 2013 Workout

This morning was the last workout for 2013 so I chose the jessicasmithtv new Bootcamp Boogie uploaded this past Saturday.
Of course, I replaced the audio first :)
The higher impact and intensity were great on the 550f bungee BUT I had to wear shoes with inserts because my feet have started to bother me again.  After that ridiculous Plantar Fasciitis flare, I take new twinges very seriously.  My right knee also has developed a new twinge which prohibits bouncing on a stability ball so I was relieved that the shoes and 550 combo worked twingelessly.  I was able yo use the whole 550 mat surface wearing shoes so it was quite a nice change.

Next I did some weight work from Kelly's Your Best Body and enjoyed many of the unique moves:

I had edited my private video file so there was just one or two sets of each move.

Here's a sample of the edited Bootcamp Boogie with a song by Fergie called *A little Party never killed Nobody* which happened to be the last song in the Borgata Holiday Burlesque show we saw this past weekend:

For the whole original routine go to

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