Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and Run Hundred

This morning I started with jessicasmithtv's gliding routine to which I had added Holiday MUsic (video embedded on blog Sunday 12/22) and thoroughly enjoyed it rotating between the 550f bungee, gliding pads and stability ball.  Most gliding moves worked surprisingly well on the bungee.  Then I did Jessica's 5 minute Tabata band routine which was the final week 5 of Shape's Black Friday Fitness series.  I did it on the bungee using a band attached to my weight machine near it.  I had edited the video and added loud pumping MUsic while keeping Jessica's cuing.
Finished with just 5 minutes of Tracy Anderson Bootcamp Dance Cardio found on youtube and really liked the music and the moves on the bungee and intend to visit all of it as sparks and warmups.  Finally a download that does not need any editing to make it more appealing to me. The whole routine is on Daily Motion including the third part.
I really need to try some of TA's rebounding stuff on the 550 and may get around to that this year.

 My feet behaved while wearing ankle supports and Futuro arch supports without shoes so I worked out without having to stop because of any twinges.  Great start to the New Year :)
I should mention I was sound asleep by 9PM on New Year's eve and slept till almost 6am LOL

I also want to give a Shout Out to a great site for workout music called RunHundred
you can check out song samples on their Facebook page
Run Hundred
or through emails
Run Hundred - Workout Music & Running Songs

I like to download the songs myself from youtube but you can purchase their downloads and/or cds.

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