Saturday, January 11, 2014

JS, Jazz, Pound, Nia

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with 10 minutes of the edited version of jessicasmithtv Power Interval Walk.  Then I did the Jazzercise HIITs (tube) resistance routine.  Liked it more than their dance routine.  My Heart Rate was nicely elevated throughout.  Then I did some youtube Pound routines with Fitstix and again my HR stayed nicely elevated.  Finished with more of the last Nia online class (Nervous System) upright for the first few minutes then sitting on a stability ball.  Again my HR was where I wanted it to be and I sweated plenty.

The Aldis HRM and Pedometer Watch seems to record all movements as steps.  I actually am getting the hang of using the watch for steps as well as HR so may try it in AC when we plan to walk outdoors more.  However, it still takes patience and perseverance to get the HR recording.  At least, once the watch starts reflecting HR, it continues to do so.

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