Sunday, January 5, 2014

Still Jessica

My edited videos from jessicasmithtv are really addicting so will really have to force myself to do something else tomorrow LOL

This morning I did my edited version of her Cardio Core Flow. The first half was great on the bungee.  The second half was more lower body than core and worked on the bungee, floor and stability ball.
original available at
▶ Cardio Core Flow (fat burning, cardio, barefoot, low impact, abs exercises) - YouTube

Finished with some of her edited Chair routine but on a stability ball.
original available at
▶ Chair Workout I + II (seated cardio, strength, fat burning low impact exercise) - YouTube

My Cardio Core Flow with different audio:

JS Cardio Core Flow MU by POMBarb

My Chair with Irish MUsic:

JS Chair Jig MU by POMBarb

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