Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fusion Walk and Solibeat

This morning I revisited the edited version of Jessica's Fusion Walk and again, lurved it.  This is definitely my current favorite but more because of the music I used than just the style.  Most of the music I used came from Nia youtube clips. I enjoyed this one the other day with its original soundtrack but it is still so much better with the Nia tunes. I did the first half on the 550F then some on the stability ball with Fitstix then some upright on the floor with Fitstix.

 Next I did some Solibeat while sitting on a stability ball which was a great combination.
My heartrate was perfect throughout all of the above.  Best of all, most of my joints behaved and I felt energized during and after the workout.

My eye is almost back to normal again but last evening I had the weirdest pain on the top of both feet.  Soaking in Epsom salts then applying Arnica gel seems to have made the pain go away.  I think it was because I was wearing slippers most of the day and my feet had to work differently to keep the slippers on.  However, I had a terrible stiff neck upon waking this morning which thankfully instantly disappeared once I moved and loosened up. Never know what part of my body will complain next LOL

A huge mistake many make is to avoid movement when a pain strikes.  We need to move to heal.   Whenever I try to move differently to avoid pain, I put a strain on other parts of the body creating a new source of pain.

Just found a great source for rebounder friendly routines!
Sarahplacencia aqua dance routines with great music seem perfect for a bungee :)
Here are a few of them:
There are others in her uploaded videos like this one

which is my personal favorite because of the song.

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