Friday, January 10, 2014

Jazzercise and Drums Alive

This morning I did the Dance routine from Jazzercise HIITS.  First of all, it wasn't really High Intensity Interval Training.  Second of all, the moves had choppy transitions instead of repeating a single move long enough to be able to really get into it.  All moves started from the same side, not working both sides as equally.  Worse of all, the music was drowned out by cuing.  I may edit it and leave out the endless repetitions of combos I didn't like and replace the MUsic.  The last routine did work well sitting on a stability ball so may be worth the effort.

Then I did a bunch of online Drums Alive type routines in all sorts of ways including
standing and pounding a stability ball
sitting on a large stability ball and pounding a smaller one lodged in an upside down Firm step
all kept me in my aerobic HR zone
also my watch showed over 2 miles and over 2400 steps
(and if you think that was easy to determine, think again LOL)

I really liked this routine because of the dramatic music and may try some Conductorcise this way:

this is the class from the back of the room

there is another from the front

forgot to mention I also did alittle of the newest Nia online class:

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