Thursday, January 9, 2014


I really think the copyright laws need  an overhaul.
The whole original intent of copyright laws has become pointless because of technology and legal mazes.

Yes, I am angry my original youtube channel got permanently deleted by Google but even angrier that so many talented workout gurus have had their work stolen by unethical partners or employees.  Among my favorite victims have been Billy Blanks, Kukuwa, Misty Tripoli and Brandi Woodard.  Then there are plenty of others who do not even know who owns the copyrights to their previous OOP work like Sarina Condello, Ellen Barrett and Gin Miller.  It's ridiculous how many vhs production companies went bankrupt and trying to figure out which content is still copyrighted and if so whom owns it.  Even Nia is afraid to share their vhs content because of music copyrights.

Something needs to be done so that the copyright royalties go into the right pockets.
Also something needs to be done so if a fan wants permission to share any work, the fan knows who-the-hell can grant permission to do so.

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