Saturday, January 10, 2015

Still Jessica and Exploring VK(dot)com

This morning I did the Low Impact HIIT and some of the Stride Stretch.
I got my heartrate anaerobic three times on the bungee and knew I had hit my limit so will be doing this one 15 minutes at a time.  I did the second 15 minutes at my normal pace while sitting on the hopper ball.

FINALLY, a HIIT without burpees :)
and I need to do more HIIT so will be revisiting this one more than usual.  Most of the music is just there but every so often a great tune pops out.  I do need the cuing to let me know when to change the pace for the intervals.

I prefer many of her fusion walks on youtube to the Stride Stretch but maybe after I add music, it will click better for me.  If not, all of her other dvds and edited youtube routines will keep me plenty busy.   Jessica has been posting some nice 15 minute routines on youtube lately.
One with new scenery!

 Lately I have been finding some great videos on

You can find me on VK at
If you decide to subscribe, friend me!
Just use their search for whatever workouts you want to find
For example, type in
Leslie Sansone

I also like VK for streaming and storing more private videos.  Takes the worry away of having people visiting my edited files with audio replacement who may not respect my privacy.

I did notice that VK plays a video nicer from another site than the same file uploaded directly??
So I will import videos from Dailymotion instead of uploading files whenever possible.


  1. Barb,Where do I locate the fitness videos on

  2. my videos are
    otherwise search for a video and see where it takes you

  3. thks,I added you as friend.I think I find wellvideo easier to locate workout stuff.

  4. Wellvideo is easier to search BUT VK is easier for downloading and may stream better. Much of the content on Wellvideo comes from VK! If a video is not playing well on Wellvideo and has a VK insignia in the lower right corner, click in the lower right corner. This will take you to the video on VK and you can check out that user's other videos.