Sunday, January 4, 2015

OMW and Bollyx

I really enjoyed both routines I did this morning.
First was the edited Older and Much Wiser warmup and first two cardio combos with replaced audio.  I had replaced the music a second time on this particular file because of an annoying clicking during the first song but the music fit the mood of the routine so much I decided I may actually like this first attempt more.  It was really wonderful on the bungee.

Then I started the first edited file of Booya's Bollyx to which I had added different MUsic and loved it even though the visual quality was low having recorded it on my mobile before Booya enabled downloading.  Then I switched to a longer file and still loved it but again visually, it was low quality.  This routine with replaced audio is fabulous while sitting on a stability ball and the third time being a charm, I will try to combine the MUsic I used with their downloaded file.

What's really ironic is this older post LOL

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