Thursday, January 29, 2015

New DVDr Plan

I am finally going to start being more logical about what routines I may edit and burn because my pile of never visited routines has been growing faster than I can ever visit, especially if I want to revisit something I loved.   Going to try to focus my editing and burning on routines I want to use on my bungee in the basement.  All others I can just play muted on my laptop with any tunes I feel like using.

This morning I did the bonus from Debra Mazda's Walking Fit and Fabulous then some of my edited Debbie Rocker's AM Walk with steel drum music which I liked at first but then switched to her PM Walk with Irish MUsic which I liked better.  The MUsic really clicked for me so I started doing more freestyling especially on the stability ball while holding Fitstix then when holding a single purple Zumba stick.  Ended my workout session with a couple of anaerobic intervals before cooling down and stretching.

Last evening the intensity of my peripheral neuropathy returned with a vengeance.  I am slowly accepting the fact, my central nervous system may never recover.  I wish I had read reports published over 10 years ago so I could have stopped the statins before permanent damage or better yet that my doctor had read them and took my symptoms more seriously.  What is really frustrating is how the medical community not only ignores these adverse side effects but also ignores the suffering of their patients instead of investigating what their suffering patients can do to reverse them if anything.  After reading about people who went through all sorts of tests without any solutions, I see no point in stressing myself out seeing any specialists.  We need a new medical specialty for statin damaged patients.  Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, and serious nerve, muscle and brain damage are on the rise. Many young adults are being put on statins for life.  Imagine the stats 20 years from now:
1% less heart attacks but over 50% of statin users suffering chronic conditions ruining the quality of life.  Most importantly, statins do not prolong life!  and even if they did, living a life with these conditions is not worth living longer IMHO.

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