Friday, January 30, 2015

Another New Day

I have been very stressed lately about many things.
Part of the problem has been my generous nature which I must rein in by learning to say *no* more often and focusing on what makes me happy.  What makes me happy is bouncing to MUsic and editing videos to enjoy.  So as much as I may be disappointing people, I see no reason why I should spend hours trying to rip a dvd which can be found elsewhere online or bought used for less than $5 on Amazon including shipping and handling.  I believe my equipment, skills and time are worth more than an average of $2 an hour.  Not that anyone is paying me anything but that is what I am saving them by providing the content free.  I would rather buy them the damn dvd myself than do the work and tie up my laptop's resources. Now don't go asking me to buy y'all dvds!  There is a Yiddish word that covers this sort of personality that takes advantage of other people's generosity: schnorrer or someone with alot of nerve (chutzpah).

I will continue to share my favorite edits privately.  If people prefer the original content, the videos can usually be found online.  If not and/or wanting better quality and chaptering, the dvds are getting cheaper and cheaper on Amazon, Ebay, etc.

I have loads of information on how to download videos from various sites:
Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry.

This morning I really enjoyed the edited Biggest Loser Cardio Max segment led by Bob Harper and Kendall's Explosive Cardio on the bungee with Fitstix and the stability ball with a purple Zumba stick.  Of course. the music I used was awesome even though edited when I was first starting to do this sort of thing and left the cuing in the background. The best moves were those I tweaked along the way.

The Kendall original conveniently on youtube

Cardio Max is available on

Jessica's latest looks great!

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