Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jessica Smith 15 min Fast Fat Blasts

This morning I did a couple of the new 15 Minute Fast Fat Blasts by Jessica Smith.

If you are short on time and/or energy, these routines will pump you up with moves and music not short on fun.  Jessica packed alot of variety in these so the time flies by.  She did a great job in music selection, music volume and using simple but fun moves with just the right amount of reps.

The first run of this dvd sold out quickly but more have been ordered.

I try to avoid and ignore anyone who is rude, especially online.
But sometimes, it is really hard when someone is totally rude.

For example, someone said the following about an edited video
*I wish there was no music, but thanks*
So why the heck doesn't that person find or buy the original video instead of being so rude and ruining my party in a box enjoyment?

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