Monday, January 26, 2015

New Day and Maybe another Crazy One

My bad karma with technology continues.
In anticipation of the blizzard we are expecting and after being without power a full week after Sandy, I made my freezer/refrigerator colder and wanted to charge our mobile phones.  When I plugged in my husband's Motorola 376, the outlet sparked badly.  The outlet seems fine but the charger seems dead so I ordered another on Amazon.  Luckily the phone is fine and almost fully charged anyway and I have a car adapter in the car which I can use going or coming from AC if needed.

I really try to offer simple advice on this blog and update that advice as others experience problems.  However, people still go ahead and download programs without reading my advice.  Please if you want to try a Freemake product read:

Also I added a new link for pop-up solutions which includes all browsers if you take the time to scroll down the post:

There are some people online who just seem to make the wrong choices of what, where, and how to download programs and then blame the products they downloaded.
Bottomline, most freeware will offer you extras you do not want, including java and adobe flash updates.
Let me repeat that louder:

It does not mean these programs are trying to infect your device, they are just trying to get revenue by bundling other software with theirs.  Same can be said about most laptops.  Ironically, the post about blocking pop-ups on various browsers comes from the Freemake blog!  I have been using Freemake Video Converter (gold) and Video Downloader (blue) for years and think they are outstanding products.  My worse adware came from java and adobe updates which I assumed were trustworthy.  The free version of Malwarebytes has handled everything thrown at it.

I did try to workout this morning.  First I did some of Keep on Rebounding till it felt way too repetitive then I did some of an edited Walk Yourself Slim that I really enjoyed till my energy went boom.  Michelle Dozis offered three different levels for each move and used limited space making it perfect for bouncing.

Nia shared a Passion class today so those stuck home in the snow have something to do!
and Carlos is BACK!!!!

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