Sunday, March 1, 2015

LG DP 132 Success

I loved all three edited videos I did this morning:
Jillian Body Shred Cardio
Jillian Revolution
Tanya Fitball

Jillian had very bungee friendly moves which also worked on the stability ball.  Tanya's moves worked great with my purple Zumba stick.

If you have not visited WellVideo yet, what are you waiting for???

If you have visited WellVideo and love it, do share my invitation link above with your friends into video workouts or share your own invitation link found on your profile page after registering. If your friends love it and want to actively participate, you can then invite them to the Fitness Community.  There are many exciting plans for this site.

(max burn space is 4.24 gigs determined by a second burn another day)
I just did my first full dvdr burn without Freemake, letting Windows7 burn the videos files like data files playable in some dvd players, NOT the Flash drive data storage choice which do not play in the LG DP 132.  Using these blank dvdr discs just for storage is a waste because they are not RW so if I were to delete a file from a storage dvdr, the space on the dvdr will not be reusable.  If I do a burn, the DVDR plays in my DP 132 and I can still store additional files if the disk has free space.  The first burned playable files and the additional stored files give me easy access to those files from my laptop rather than having to rip them from a dvd movie.
I had converted all files to avi format before storing them on my laptop for the next burn (WellVideo accepts avi uploads).  All 20 files burned with Windows7 played on the LG DP 132!!  The burn took less than 10 minutes for almost 8 hours of footage and just over 3 gigs of space.  I even had extra space for more but if I add more files after the burn, those files will not play on the DP 132, just the laptop.  So both burn techniques (Freemake with different formats and Windows7 with avi format) use about the same amount of disk space and the avi format plays great on my tv screen. About the only negatives I can find in the Windows burn compared to burning a dvd movie with Freemake Video Converter is that all files must be in avi format and less control over the order of how the files will be listed.  It is however much easier to choose which video file I want to play from the list than scrolling through the menu on a Freemake burn.  OK the big negative may be that this method will not work with all DVD Players.   I will just be sure that if and when this new player fails that its replacement is the same or similar enabling DivX (avi) playback, perhaps even one with a HDmi port if I am using a HD TV by then.  I believe most players with a USB port should play avi files and many players play other video file formats as well.  If you have a DVD player with the DivX logo and a MAC with a disk burning drive, you should be able to burn avi files onto a data disk to play in the Player.
Warning: some newer Blu-ray players will only play protected dvds!
You can still play the avi file through the USB port but not on a burned data disk.

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