Saturday, February 28, 2015

Editing Video Workouts

I have not worked out yet this morning and intend to add my check in later afterwards.

I wanted to discuss my hobby of replacing the audio in various workouts, old and new.   Often when I share one of these edits, someone wants or would prefer the originals.  If the originals are out-of-print and available to me, I may share them as well.   If still in print, that person has the option of buying the original. I could just keep these edits completely private but I enjoy them too much not to share them privately.  It sounds weird but preserving out-of-print content and some of my edits are sort of a legacy for me.  Besides enjoying both doing and the process of creating them currently, I like to think someone who survives me may enjoy them in the future or learn the process themselves to keep moving and thinking.  Exercising the brain is just as important as the body.

This morning I did some more edited Jessica Smith Walks.  I discovered my new dvd player starts in the middle of a routine where it was previously stopped even if shut off which was a nice feature since I often pick up where I last left off.

As much I I enjoyed the edited Jessicas, an edited file of some Jill Cooper routines which used a rock as a weight instead of a medball, kettlebell or dumb bell was a big winner for me.

original one of three rock routines:

The MUsic I added really brought this to life and the scenery was wonderful.
Original audio was in a foreign language and had annoying wind sounds.

It will definitely be revisited!

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