Friday, February 27, 2015

JS Walks

This morning I revisited some of the Jessica Smith new walks with replaced audio.  I really enjoyed the Stride and Stretch with the replaced audio!  Most moves on her walks work well on the bungee and ball and most are repeated enough to be creative with some tweaking.  I only used 1/2 pound donut weights for her Tred & Shred walk because I was bouncing and didn't want the extra GForce to aggravate a joint.

Wonder of Wonders, my new Ellen Barrett DVD arrived only one day after most others had received theirs.  I was expecting to have to email their customer service because I didn't get any shipping notices.

Today's sparks were with Ellen Barrett's new Stretch Sculpt.  From its clip and comments made by some who received it before me, I was not expecting much so was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it so much.  First spark was the first half with its original audio.  I then replaced the audio with 2 different soundtracks.  I just did the first half again with one of the soundtracks and really enjoyed it.  However, since it has so many moves that could aggravate my shoulders, I did it both times without weights isometrically.  I also did some of the horse stance moves while sitting on the Hopper ball.  I really enjoyed it!  It felt good and the music kept me moving as usual.  In my book, it is a winner.

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