Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I finally feel like my old self again today.
A series of events which created alot of stress with a damn stress related headache made me lose enthusiasm for posting on my blog.  Finally last night, one night-time Advil relieved the persistent headache and it hasn't returned.

One of the things which had been stressing me is that both of my dvd players developed similar symptoms just as 2 vcrs failed a few weeks ago.    I decided to treat myself to another cheap dvd player and plan to get one at Walmart today.  Meanwhile I did get one of my old units working again each morning including this morning.  It is probably just dust but I do not want this anxiety each morning ruining my favorite part of my day = bouncing to music.
Having our den windows leaking again because of the weather conditions didn't help either.  Several days before the series of events, I had been rather depressed that I had to live with peripheral neuropathy and tinnitus the rest of my life thanks to my doctor's ego.  Well that headache reminded me that there are worse sources of pain!

A huge trigger for the headache was the unreasonable attitude I received online just because I am a JumpSport user and fan.  Granted it was all her own misguided internal demons causing the ruckus but I still let her attitude bother me.  Meanwhile a few people had shown an interest in JumpSports and asked some questions privately.  It is sad I am not comfortable giving advice about bouncing on VF anymore but it is not worth the stress it created for me from people who have their own emotional baggage which I refuse to carry.

This morning I really enjoyed the edited file of Cardio Bounce Home Advanced.  I used some newer MUsic and enjoyed every single tune and bounce.  I must bottle this feeling and take a sip whenever some $hit hits the fan whether it is pain, technology or people.

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