Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Still MUving

I have been so busy uploading edited files to mymail that I forget to check in!

This morning I did some of a ShaunT party workout found on WellVideo which I never got the chance to try because the special Hip Hop Abs bonus set with these party routines sold out.  I like alot of the moves especially on the stability ball but missed pumping MUsic.

I love that my routines are available to play and/or download from the mymail cloud and no longer dependent upon being found on my hard drive or the specific backup burned dvdr.

Yes I could have just done the same thing on WellVideo BUT I couldn't even find my own uploads there because the playlists do not offer a link as easily as other sites.  Plus I was always being asked for the original files with the original audio and they are not easily accessible from dvds and many links no longer work for the online routines.

I enjoy working out with MUsic only and am not storing and trying to provide free access to everything I have edited.  When I think of the all of the captured VHS files lost with my deleted youtube account, it makes me ill.  I saved just my favorite edits and still have the VHS and dvds if I want to revisit the originals.

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