Thursday, February 19, 2015

Handlebar Solutions

As luck would have it, our den windows did leak last night.
I was hoping last winter's episode would not repeat itself.
Thankfully, I still got a good night's sleep because my husband and son took care of it, strategically placing pots, etc.

My son got a nice reward cuz I set up the Urban Rebounder in the basement this morning to see if he could do pull-ups using its handlebar and it worked.  The winter had been making access to outside pull up bars at playgrounds difficult and he has really developed his upper body and didn't want to lose what he had gained.

So now I am more inspired than ever to order the JumpSport handlebar so he could use our 370 frame the same way.  The 370 is much higher than the 550 and I feel wary when dismounting so the handlebar would benefit me as well.  What's truly sad is there are dozens of Costco 350 handlebars wasting away in homes of owners who do not use them.  Maybe I should give Craigslist a shot LOL

This morning I did some of Jessica Smith new dvds but with my edited files.  Really enjoyed them!!

I just wanted to add a reminder that you can visit WellVideo with my invitation link
This link can also be shared with your friends if you think the site will interest them.

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