Friday, February 13, 2015

Jackie and Leslie and Ad Blockers

I have two new favorites as of this morning!
The edited files of Jackie Warner's Xtreme Abs and Leslie Sansone's Belly Blasting Walk.  I used a purple Zumba stick with Jackie and both routines worked on the bungee and stability ball.

Never expected to enjoy the workout this morning after a delayed start.  First the water heater and oil furnace were making weird noises but I think it was just a combination of both taking in very cold water at once.  Everything seems and sounds fine now.

Then my basement dvd player just would not load.  Luckily my spare worked.  May be time to purchase another cheap spare (kicking myself for passing up a nice one this past summer at a garage sale).

just wanted to remind folks that if ads bother you, especially on DailyMotion, get an ad blocking extension for your browser.
For Chrome, I use
For Firefox Adblock Plus

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