Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rev Abs and Jeff Scott

This morning I did edited files of RevAbs Rev It Up and Jeffrey Scott's The Traveler's workout which was on Fitness Glo.  I liked some moves in Rev It Up but it was very repetitious so I am editing the edit LOL
Really enjoyed Jeffrey Scott's warmup and some of the lower body moves.  Both my abs and legs now feel prone to spasms more than usual so will drink extra water and electrolytes.

I found absolutely the easiest way to download a video from WellVideo using Chrome!
Using the Chrome browser, install the extension called
Video Downloader Professional

When you play a video you want to download, click on the arrow in the upper right corner.  You can rename this file whatever you want after it is downloaded (also can move it wherever you want by cutting and pasting) but if it is called MP4 when downloaded, type a period between your file name and the MP4 to keep the MP4 format identification.  The file opens with both VLC and WMP but opens easier if you keep the format extension.
for example, the name should look something like this after renaming

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