Monday, February 16, 2015


I had a horrible night last night finally realizing my peripheral neuropathy is probably irreversible.  Honestly, I would prefer a fatal stroke or heart attack to this condition, not that Lipitor is even proven to prevent a heart attack or stroke in postmenopausal women.  Karma being a bitch, I hope everyone my doctor loves is put on a lifetime of statins till they, too develop this permanent damage. Yes, he was blindly following medical protocol but he could have listened to my complaints and stopped this progression of adverse side effects till my nerve damage became permanent.  I tuned into the adverse side effects of Lipitor too late and my doctor's ego prevented me from stopping in time.

Anywho, last evening I stumbled on to some old youtube videos of  German TV Fitness shows with George Jones and cannot believe I never heard of him previously.   He has everything I ever looked for in an instructor which includes personality and music.  Billy Blanks introduced me to video workouts with a kickboxing influence but George Jones took it all to a much higher level with me living in the wrong country.
Komm boxen mit George Y'all!
(and be ready to smile and have fun)

My embedded George Jones Playlist:

ETA: I decided not to post a new day to leave the George Jones embedded Playlist at the top of my blog longer since my workouts will focus on his routines for awhile.  However, I must share that I may have found a great aide in my battle to relieve peripheral neuropathy.  I had read magnets may help and found an old small mattress pad with magnets in a closet which I had used years ago for back issues.  I put the pad on the lower end of the bed for my legs and even if just a placebo effect,  I felt much better in bed and now have way less tingling.  Skin also feels softer.
:::fingers crossed:::

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